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Thelma Johnson 

is your Go-To Provider 


Tax & Bookkeeping Needs!

An ongoing series of informational entries

Fees: ​Bookkeeping Fee's & Tax Preparation Fee's are totally different. U will be charged by the size of your company!

Fee list available upon request.


TJ's is open year-round. So if you get audited after the tax season is over, I'm still at work providing the services you need. {if you are a small business or is Itemizing You have to have receipts for me to prepare your audit professionally. 


Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation for Trucking companies, cleaning services, salons/beauticians, daycare providers, restaurants (who pay with W-2's, lawn services/yard maintenance, home care providers, bail bonding companies & a whole array of others.

Unique Solutions & Coordination Services Offered

Organize company receipts in binders will also provide digital storage (scan receipts on to disk), prepare profit/loss statements, and prepare monthly spreadsheets (listing all receipts that have been received in the categories that they will be presented in the binder and disk)