My Bookkeeping Skills

As a Certified Bookkeeper I have the ability to handle the books for a company of up to 100 employees.

know basic bookkeeping, including double-entry accounting, pass a national exam in advanced bookkeeping at Prometric Test Center; have at least 3,000 hours (2 years) of on-the-job experience in bookkeeping; sign a Code of Ethics that assures commitment to integrity; constantly update skills by earning 20 Continuing Education Credits

every year.

If you’re not tracking your expenses in your bookkeeping, chances are your tax bill is going to be higher than you want it to be. Why, you ask? Because expenses reduce your net revenue! (That may sound like a bad thing, but keep in mind that the lower your bottom line, the less your tax exposure.) Sure, your credit card and debit card expenses are pretty easy to track, but little expenses here and there covered in cash can (and will) add up.

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